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Assuring your Privacy  since 2016

Our SecurLine Product Features

Experience the power of encrypted communication with our cutting-edge features

End-to-End Encryption

Secure your calls with top-notch encryption technology

Secure Conference Calls

Hold confidential meetings without the fear of eavesdropping

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Use SecurLine seamlessly across various devices and operating systems. iOS and Android already available. Desktop coming soon

Post Quantum Crypto

The world's first PQ Crypto messenger employing a hybrid algo (ECC x22519 and Kyber)

Disappearing Messages

Set a timer for disappearing messages. Once it runs out the message is gone forever

Swiss Company

No backdoors, no national security pressures. Protected by strict Swiss privacy laws

On Prem Hosting

Zero trust tech - run your own secure infrastructure

Online Panel

Provision accounts, reset passwords, etc, directly in our web panel

Why Choose Privus?

  • Our Zug, Switzerland based company has been protecting governments and business' comms since 2016 with zero breaches
  • SecurLine has been certified by a NATO government's National Security Authority to protect classified communications
  • We are the only company already providing protection against the threat of quantum computers (forward and backward secrecy)
  • FAQ

    Common questions

    Here are some of the most common questions that we get.
    What is SecurLine? It is our highly secure app for truly private communications
    How does SecurLine protect my calls? We use open source encryption libraries to provide Post Quantum crypto protection for true end-to-end encrypted calls and chats
    Is SecurLine legal to use? Yes, using encrypted communications software for secure communication is legal in most countries. However, it's important to comply with local regulations and laws regarding encryption and privacy.
    Can SecurLine be used for business communication? Yes, we have been catering to governments and business since 2016
    How can I get started with protecting my comms? To get started contact us at
    Do you offer other products besides SecurLine? At the moment only SecurLine is being offered. However we are developing a secure video conferencing solution employing blockchain technology for censorship resistant encrypted conferences