End-to-End Encryption

Secure your calls, chats and file transfers with the most secure encryption technology

Secure Conference Calls

Hold confidential meetings without the fear of eavesdropping

Post Quantum Crypto

The world's first PQ Crypto messenger employing a hybrid algo (ECC x22519 and Kyber)

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Use SecurLine seamlessly across various devices and operating systems. iOS and Android already available. Desktop coming soon

Swiss Company

No backdoors, no national security pressures. Protected by strict Swiss privacy laws

On Prem Hosting

Zero trust tech - run your own secure infrastructure.

Online Panel

Provision accounts, reset passwords, etc, directly in our web panel

Certified for classified communications

SecurLine was certified by a NATO government to protect highly sensitive classified communications

Protecting government and business comms since 2016

Deployed worldwide since 2016, including in difficult geopolitical regions, with no reported breaches

Only company already providing protection against quantum computers

Since early 2024 select clients have already been protected against the emerging quantum computer threat

Disappearing Messages

Set a timer for disappearing messages. Once it runs out the message is gone forever